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Welcome to Lycabettus, the most beautiful dining balcony in Oia.


Taste something truly special in a time where everything authentic and handmade has its own intrinsic value. Share intimate moments while you are dinning literally on the edge of the cliff with the famous incomparable blue view around you. You can’t be anywhere else but at Lycabettus. This delightful terrace is shaded by countless clusters of stars and creates a sense of grandeur in a relaxed and elegant setting.

There’s clearly plenty of imagination in the kitchen where our executive chef features genuinely inspired dishes. The menu unwinds a string of proposals all equally tantalizing. There is nothing else to expect but the finest taste from all over the island in an incomparable atmosphere. Our team presents a wealth of expertise in the hospitality industry, ensuring an unparalleled service reflecting the unsurpassed luxury of Andronis philosophy.


Andronis Luxury Suites is renowned for its tranquility and unique sense of elegance. The 29 award-winning suites and villas are built in traditional style within the picturesque jigsaw of houses in Oia. Private infinity pools, cave pools and heated Jacuzzis are the perfect places to relax and enjoy the deep blue Aegean and the volcanic caldera that frames the spectacular view. Relax and rejuvenate in the Mare Sanus Spa with its exclusive therapies before dinner in Andronis Luxury Suites’ Lycabettus, voted one of the most beautiful restaurant locations in the world.



Meet our Chef, Christos Karagiannis.

Coming from a family with rich culinary history, Chef Christos has spent the last decade experimenting with different food cultures and cooking styles. He is experienced in the demanding culinary scene of Santorini and extremely gifted.

His cooking approach is defined by innovative flavor pairings enhanced by seasonal food, creative presentation, and cutting-edge techniques. Let him guide you on a journey of exquisite tastes.


The focus of the Menu is on seafood, Greek and Mediterranean fare with authenticity, creativity and masterful execution in every bite.



On the edge of the hill, our sommelier organizes a wine tasting accompanied with a Greek food pairing for only one couple every night. You may explore Santorini’s rich vineyard while sited on the famous cliffs royal table.

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Alex Dilling

13 - 14.07.2023

Alex Dilling, once the executive chef of the world – renowned two Michelin starred restaurant, The Greenhouse, has spent over a decade honing his expertise with some of the most esteemed and dignified talents in the industry. He has recently embarked on a new journey, his first eponymous location, Alex Dilling at Cafe Royal flips the switch on gastronomy with an exclusively intimate dining experience.

Lewis Barker

03 04.08.2023

British born Lewis Barker started his culinary journey at the age of 15. Having honed his culinary experience for over a decade in some of the world’s most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, and inspired by travel and the vast selection of cuisines across the globe, Chef Lewis Barker brings his own creativity to Sommer with his menu designed to be enjoyed within the scenic surroundings of Marina Bay Singapore. Sommer opened its doors in January 2021 and received its first Michelin star within 6 months of opening.

Christophe Hay

30 31.08.2023

Chef Christophe Hay is the chef owner of Fleur de Loire. He work essentially with local producers, and with his own vegetable garden a few meters away from his kitchen. Chef is a principal member of chef’s ecology association named “L’R durable”, which aims at pro noting a more responsible cooking way. Paul Bocuse and Éric Reithler are both his mentor in cooking. Since 2019, Fleur de Loire has held 2 Michelin stars.



Paolo Griffa


Chef Paolo Griffa is the executive chef at The Grand Hotel Royal e Golf, the most historic hotel in the Aosta Valley and active since 1854. Born in 1991 in Piedmont, the young Griffa graduated from the Istituto Aberghiero Giovanni Giolittiin Turin with top marks. He then started his professional journey meeting and working with artisans, traditional restaurants as well as Michelin-starred establishments both in Italy and abroad, such as Combal Zero(IT), Chateaubriand(FR) and Studio(DK). Griffa was both ambassador and creative chef for Pavonii in 2016, with the launch of product lines that unite patisserie and restaurant cuisine, also collaborating to the writing and recipes of certain books. In late 2017 he joined The Grand Hotel Royal e Golf as the executive chef.

Viki Geunes


Viki Geunes is the best evidence that natural talent can reach the culinary top even without hospitality or high-profile internships. After his studies in industrial sciences, he resolutely commits to gastronomy as an autodidact. Through Self-study and an iron discipline, Viki Geunes trains himself to be a chef. In 1996, he opened his restaurant Zilte which he had primarily opted for a simple and tasteful kitchen. However, this extraordinary connoisseur soon developed a broad interest in innovative kitchen techniques. Zilte was awarded a first Michelin star in 2004, and the second Michelin star in 2008. The third Michelin star was awarded in January 2021, making Zilte one of the only two three-star restaurants in Belgium.





Know-how and sharing are the watchwords that guide the gastronomy of Olivier Nasti. The Chef has trained with many top establishments and Chefs, the values of which have branded the high-standard seal of his own culinary identity. Olivier Nasti nurtured his passion for cooking during the years spent training at the Château Servin in Belfort, with Olivier Roellinger in Cancale and with the Haeberlin family at the Auberge de L'Ill, the famous Alsatian Michelin restaurant. Discipline, precision and high standards, the search for the right product and its enhancement, skill and techniques: these are all the qualities, the product of long and hard work, that led him to be chosen as the Best Craftsman of France in 2007. He received the famous blue-white-red collar, a distinction that fully expresses his desire to go even further and perform even better. Know-how and sharing are the watchwords that guide the gastronomy of Olivier Nasti. Now, at the head of Le Chambard’s kitchens and, in particular, his 2-star Michelin restaurant, Olivier Nasti continues to pass on his knowledge, whether in the frame of associations, the training of young apprentices, or competitions for which he sits on juries, or books in which he shares his recipes and secrets.



Gilles likes to remember his childhood in his village Lorrain Laneuvevilleaux-Bois (East of France) and his grandmother Jeanne who cooked the products of the farm and his father, chocolate representative he was doing melt with her mom to create her first treats. At 15, he clearly decides that his vocation will be that of a pastry chef. He returns to an apprenticeship with an icon of the Lorraine bakery, Maître Claude Bourguignon. In 2 years, he earned his diploma pastry-confectioner-chocolatier-ice cream and companion duty when he was not yet 18. Arrive 3 beautiful years from the largest pastry chef of Luxembourg Pit Oberweis. Then he dons the apron of deputy pastry chef for 4 years at the Hotel de Crillon, then the executive pastry chef for 3 years at the Plaza Athenee hotel, then for 7 years at the hotel Le Bristol and 5 years as director of international creation at La Maison du Chocolat in Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. After being elected pastry chef of the year in 2004 and medalist of the city of Paris in 2008, author of 3 books on pastry, Gilles Marchal finally sets his bags and settles on the heights of Paris, on the hill Montmartre at 9 rue Ravignan in 2014. It is there, in this Paris enchanted by a spirit of village, a privileged Paris where one takes the time to live and to know oneself, that it finds the inspiration and the happiness of 'fully exercising his profession, rubbing shoulders with the personalities of television, song, music, etc .... Montmartre is and will remain a high place of artistic creation.



A native of Versailles, Paris, Chef Gregoire was raised in the Morbihan region of Brittany in France where he graduated from the CFA, in Vannes, the prestigious culinary institute. It is no coincidence that Gregoire has become a chef... In Brittany where lands meet the sea, he quickly became accustomed to good food and cooking whilst spending time with his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. An outstanding and diverse career, including other roles at several acclaimed Michelin star restaurants in France to large luxury resorts around the world, also working his craft under Pastry Chef Gilles Marchal and Chef Michael Nave, the right arm of Pierre Gagnaire, and Head Chef of Balzac ***. Since 2014 he is the mastermind of the iconic underwater restaurant, Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm, Chef Berger drives the menu creation and restaurant operation, whilst overseeing a large team. His eye for detail and innovative and beautifully crafted dishes keeps the restaurant on the culinary forefront, with Ossiano being considered one of the most premium fine dining venues in the region, but also one of the fastest-growing gastronomic destinations anywhere on the planet. Chef Berger has set the precedent for the culinary scene in Dubai with his innovative ideas and use of exceptional techniques and quality ingredients, which have played a major role in him being heralded as the most acclaimed chef in the city, earning more awards than any other chef over the past four years.




28 .07 .2019

With 12 years heralded by three Michelin stars, Christian Le Squer is a determined Chef who defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. As far back as his souvenirs go, there are certain smells coming from the sea and they all comprise the main thread that helps him to constantly explore flavors and harmonious associations. Christian Le Squer aims to perpetuate «the art of living à la française» at the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel George V. His « special touch» will be recognized as a cuisine of tradition with a modern outlook, strong and soothing and he wishes to create signature dishes while retaining a certain simplicity. While his greatest pride consists in engraving in memories a signature dish, a moment, a sensation, he also intends to offer a high-end gastronomical experience, keeping in mind a strong sense of well-being that is so important today.


31.8-1.9 .2019

Alex Dilling, recently-appointed Executive-Chef of the world-renowned two Michelin-starred restaurant, The Greenhouse. His culinary journey started when working for the master of French gastronomy, Alain Ducasse, in New York. In 2012, Alex Dilling built upon his already notable gastronomic talent as Chef De Cuisine at New York hidden gem, Caviar Russe, which earned a Michelin star under his direction in 2013, a clear highlight and career-defining moment. He then moved to London to join Hélène Darroze at The Connaught where he most recently led the team as Executive Corporate Chef, maintaining the London restaurant’s two Michelin stars. Meticulous precision and attention to detail have become ingrained in his style today. His unrivalled technical skill complements the elite Mayfair restaurant’s extensive wine list of over 3,400 labels, collected by MARC Chairman and leading restaurateur, Marlon Abela who identified Alex Dilling as one of the world’s greatest culinary talents.


13-14 .09 .2019

Bespoke dining experience from the Belgian three-Michelin starred chef of the Hertog Jan restaurant (Brugge, Belgium). For Gert de Mangeleer cooking is all about passion, fun and bringing people together. Travelling, new ingredients and exchanging experiences drive his inspiration daily. Being a Captain of Gastronomy for Flanders he strives to place Flanders as a culinary destination on a world’s gastronomic map.



Fredrik Berselius

19-20 .07 .2018

Swedish-born chef earned his two Michelin stars for his restaurant Aska in Brooklyn within four months from its opening. Working on a sustainability model, ingredients are sourced locally or from organic farms or even are gathered by him in forests. His Nordic roots, his childhood memories and Scandinavian flavors distinguish his cooking style.

Frederic Anton

4-5 .08 .2018

A French chef who describes his cuisine as simple, flavorful and sophisticated. He tries to attain perfection, precision and rediscover harmony of flavors in every plate he prepares. Anton's creations are subtle tasting sensations, brilliant, complex, with variety of perfumes, aesthetically pleasing compositions.

Paolo Casagrande

12-13 .08 .2018

Obsession to work with the best produce offered by nature, sea and seasons, intuitive intelligent work to convey the flavors and to eager palates are the keys for success of three-Michelin star restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona, where Paolo Casagrande is the chef de cuisine. He is characterized by his passion, his depth of commitment, consistency and considerable hard work – and the result is innovative harmonically balanced dishes.

David Garcia

22-23 .08 .2018

A Spanish Bilbao-born chef trained with master chefs such as Martin Berasategui and in renowned El Bulli before earning his own Michelin star. A devoted champion of organic produce, controlled cultivation and high-quality ingredients, his authentic cuisine stands out for its broths, soups and sauces, which are made with natural and top ingredients.



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